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Art and Craft Club

At this age  child's inner artist is starting to blossom and in this club we will expand on our students creative expression as they start to discover their uniqueness and individual style and preferences.  In this club our adventurous artist will be introduced to art while discovering how paint, drawing, clay, fabric, and recycled materials can be used together to create a work of art that has a lot of texture, design and color.  Great hands-on exploratory class!  We and Our  student will be amazed at what we can create together!!

 They will be exposed to many techniques and mediums in this Mixed Media Journey and with this they will become more confident in their attempts at self expression and their own personal style will begin to emerge.

So if you're arty, crafty or a bit of both, our Art & Craft Club is for you


Art & Craft activity

Art & Craft activities were conducted in the school on 25th February 2016 to stimulate the child’s imagination & creativity, helping them learn the art skills.








         Art club Activity


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