Karate club

Grade  1 to 3

The students  of this club are practicing basic, kihon ,kata and kumite under the supervission of our karate club incharge mr. Manoj kumar.  All the students  are starting this club with warm up exercise to improve their flexibility and co-ordination. All the students are  doing hard practice for upcoming event of karate. This club is associated with karate fedration of india.

Grade  4 to 6

All the students of karate club are learning martial art properly under the guidence of our karate club incharge mr. Manoj kumar .all of them learn kihon kata nad kumite basic skill . All  the students  are doing warm up  exercises to develop flexibility,strength,speed, co- ordination, endurance and power.some of  this club students are  able to participate in our upcomong karate championship.

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