Eco Club (grade   1-3 )

‘We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive’.

Arwachin International  School, we believe that through education and modelling, we can make a difference and instil a strong respect for the environment in our students as well as the wider school community.    

“I invite you all to reflect on the problem of the loss and the waste of food.  Let us all make the serious commitment to respect and care for creation, to be attentive to every person, to oppose the culture of wastefulness and waste, and to promote a culture of solidarity and encounter.”

  We implement a number of programs and initiatives to ensure our children have an increased knowledge of how we can all improve the environment in which we live.

 We will not be limited to just these areas but will be creative in where we can grow plants.  Several class projects are aiming to Let’s see what we can grow

Rubbish Free School – this links with the theme of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse we use our rubbisht to landfill that could be either reused or recycled.


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