Flag Making Activity

National flag - Our pride and honour tiny tots of Pre – Primary wing did an activity to understand the flag of country. They did ‘Tear & Paste’ in flag. They came to learn-

  1. About the colours of flag.
  2. Diversity and unity.
  3. The Significance of flag colours.

A good & healthy discussion was done and learning happened very easily.

Students were very enthusiastic during the activity session. They were surprised to know the history of the country.

As a take away they were given a ‘Sun –flower’ matching with the colour of the month - yellow.

In lunch they brought ‘Matar Mushroom + Chapati and Keenu.

All day activity session enhanced the knowledge of the students and gave them a feeling of pride and enthusiasm towards.

Independence Day.

They also learnt about the constitution of India.


Maths Activity

In class IV-A & IV-B - a Mathematics activity was conducted on Wednesday, 19th December 2018. As instructed students had collected the data regarding various food items they had brought and got the data using tally marks.  They practiced ‘Data handling’ in the class on their own.

Students actively participated and took keen interest. 


Spell Bee Activity

This activity was conducted for the students of Pre-Primary to judge the level of ‘Spelling Making’. The students did many activities as per their level.

  1. Toddlers did recognition of Alphabets through sound C objects through letters.
  2. Nursery – The students heard & wrote the letters. They also did word Tambola sheet.
  3. LKG – They also did ‘Circle the correct word’ sheet and enjoyed the action recognition through it.
  4. UKG – The students of UKG did a Spelling finding activity through pictures.

The whole session was enjoyed by the students.

The objective of this activity was to learn spellings in a playful manner.


Maths Activity

There was yet another Maths activity for the students of Class V.  The teacher taught them how to convert decimal into percentage and fraction and vice versa.   The students were curious to know more and more.  Today’s activity enriched their knowledge of Maths.


Maths Activity

In order to bring home the students of III-A and III-B, the concept of fraction, an activity was organized at AIS PILKHUWA on Wednesday, 28th November 2018.

The students brought fruits of different kinds.  The Maths teacher cut them in 4 equal parts.   Each part was a fraction.  The students liked the way they were taught fractions.


S.St Activity

With a view to updating the students about the crops of India and their production, the AIS PILKHUWA organized an SST activity for the students of IV-A and IV-B on 27.11.2018.   Instructed by the SST Teacher a day earlier, the students brought different Spices like Qove, Cardamom and Black Pepper.   They exhibited the class with the objects they had brought.  In this way they engaged themselves with the task of exhibiting the class. 

It was intimated to them that there were two kinds of crops: Cash Crops and Food Crops.  Jute, Tea, Coffee, Oil Seed, Rubber etc are cash crops whereas Food Crops include Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Millets etc. which kind of climate s suits cash crops and food crops was mentioned to them.  Also the States where cash crops and food crops flourish were brought to their awareness.  All the students displayed their penchant for today’s activity.


Physical change & Chemical change

Today on Tuesday, 27th November 2018, the students of class – V did an activity. They differentiated between physical change and chemical change through this activity. Blowing up of a balloon was the example of physical change where as the bursting out of the balloon was the example of chemical change. This activity enriched the students’ knowledge of science. 

S.St Activity

With a view to updating students about minerals resources of India, The S.St teacher on Thursday, 25th October 2018 organised an activity for class IV – A and IV – B. As intimated a day earlier, the students brought a number of things made up of different minerals for class exhibition. With beforehand preparation for topic, the students were able to give correct answer and tell where the minerals and metals are in abundance. In the classroom the subject teacher talked about the minerals as metallic and non metallic ones. Metallic minerals comprised Manganese, Iron, Aluminium, Gold, Silver, and Copper, Lead etc where as non – metallic ones included coal, petroleum, diesel, kerosene etc.

This activity proved very useful in enriching the students’ knowledge of the world around them.

Sandwich Making Activity

Students did Sandwich Making activity today. They were excited about making sandwich. This activity was done t make them independent. They learnt all names of ingredients to be used in making sandwich. Students made sandwiches and ate them. They felt a sense of responsibility. This was a very nice and enjoyed activity by students. It was a step towards experiential learning.

Students were happy as they ate their own sandwiches.

English & S. St Activty 2018-19

Result of Poem Recitation Competition

class Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
I A,B Yashaswi Tomer Utkarsh Maheshwari Akshaj Singhal, Aksh Bansal
II A,B Astitva Sharma Darsh Bansal Sabhya Bansal
III A,B Priya Gupta Suhani Goel Avni Jain

Result of Story Narration Competition
Class Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
IV A,B Arshdeep Kaur Angel Soni Rashi Sharma
V A Darsh Maheshwari, Riddhima Garg Suryansh Prakash Tiya Mittal, Mishthi Kansal
VI A Paridhi Garg Shaksham Rishit Jindal, Shivani

Result of Speech Competition
Class Ist Position IInd Position  IIIrd Position
VII A Sneha Aradhya Goel -
VIII A Diya Goel Tulsi Sanskriti Bansal
IX A Harsh Chaudhary - -
X A Sakshi Garg Abhi Mayur Khan Rinku Dabas


Computer Activity Result(2018-19)


Class Topic Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
I "Shapes" in Paint

Aksh Bansal,

Samanvay Teotia,

Subeg Singh


Ishika Kedar,

Yashasvi Tomer

Kartik Rawat,

Kashvi Singhal,

Utkarsh Maheshwari,

Arpit Sharma

II "Hut" in Paint

Astitva Sharma,

Darsh Bansal,

Sabhya Bansal

Vinayak Bahl,

Yuvraj Tyagi,


Garv Goel

Yogya Chaudhary,

Tanzeel Haider Khan,


Pratyaksh Sikriwal

III A "Save Water" Poster in Word

Gaurang Singhal,

Kushagra Goel

Devanshi Goyal,

Siddhi Agarwal,

Aarush Jain

Chhavi Bhardwaj,

Kashika Kansal,

Man Rawat,

Shivansh Kaushik,

Yug Agarwal

III B "Save Water" Poster in Word

Aarav Agarwal,

Avni Jain,

Pratham Goyal,

Priya Gupta

Ishwaan Thakkar,

Karnav Garg,

Munender Singh,

Sumanyu Garg

Anchal Yadav,

Vikhyat Gupta

IV A "Save Tree" Poster in Word

Madhav Garg,

Madhusudhan Tomer,

Varnit Goel

Aarohi Goel,

Krishika Goyal,

Md. Eshan Raja,

Prachi Goswami,

Rashi Sharma,

Tanishq Sharma,

Vansh Bindal

Aanya Agarwal,

Aditya Agarwal,

Anvi Agarwal,

Yash Shishodiya

IV B "Save Tree" Poster in Word

Arshdeep Kaur,

Nitya Soni

Angel Soni,

Prabhav Goel,

Vivan Gandhi

Aarav Agarwal,

Abhinendra Singh,

Ansh Tyagi,

Dhanya Aggarwal,

Hrithvi Jindal,

Kartik Kaushik,

Tanmay Singh,

Yatharth Kaushik

V A "Invitation Card" in MS-Word Darsh Maheshwari

Mishthi Kansal,

Suryansh Prakash,

Tiya Mittal

Dherya Mittal,

Priyanshi Rawat,

Rishika Mittal,

Saksham Tomer,

Suryansh Shishodia,

Vinish Vaid,

Yuvraj Singh Rana

VI A 'Invitation Card" in MS-Word

Madhav Goel - II,

Rishit Jindal,

Mayank Kumar

Harman Singh,

Harprabh Singh,

Kavya Agarwal,

Nishtha Tomar,

Paridhi Garg,

Divyansh Goyal,

Intzar Alam,

Saksham Kansal

VII A MS-PowerPoint Activity

Gauri Goyal,

Vaibhavi Rao

Aman Goyal,

Hardik Sharma,

Vanshika Sharma,

Varsha Maheshwari

Akshat Garg,

Deepika Gupta,

Divikshya Gupta,

Kartik Goyal,

Kaushiki Garg,


VIII A MS-PowerPoint Activity Diya Goyal Jai Kansal

Gauri Sharma,

Yuvraj Singh Teotia

IX A MS-PowerPoint Activity Apporva Tomar Harsh Chaudhary

Gagan Bana,

Pratvhi Chauhan,

Ritik Sharma,

Vipul Sharma

X A MS-PowerPoint Activity

Garvit Verma,

Sakshi Garg

Shreyansh Jain,

Tushar Tyagi

Aryaman Upmanyu,

Rinku Dabas

Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa
Baisakhi Celebration Winners

AIS, Pilkhuwa Class LKG

Name Position
Mishthi III
Utkarsh III
Aahna III

AIS Pilkhuwa, Class UKG
Name Position
Aaradhya I
Vidit I
Arpit II
Karunya II
Rishit II

Little Ducklings, Pilkhuwa
Name Position
Avika I
Shaurya Rana I

Little Ducklings, Hapur
Name Position
Krishna I
Anshika I

Pre-Primary Activity

Today i.e. on Friday, 23 February 2018, the students of the Pre – Primary wing accomplished Art & Craft relating to Yellow colour. The UKG students had Story Telling Competition today. Both the Manager Mr. Akshat Sharma and the Director Ms. Ayushi Sharma encouraged the students appreciating their interest in art and craft.


UKG Yashaswi Tomer Siddhi Goel & Subeg Singh Zuha Mansoori, Tarsh Jindal

Ice Cubes Magic activity

As pursuit of the schedule, colour recognition activity was accomplished at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa on Friday, 16 February 2018. The tiny tots of Pre-Primary section performed this activity through Ice cubes. Coloured objects were recognized by them. The students took a lively interest in doing this activity. Art and Craft too was done according to the colour of the month. Being cognizant of the colour of the month, they were clad in Yellow dresses. As regards the food of the day, they brought raspberry and Soya Bean Chunk which meant that they also had a good sense of a healthy and nutritious food. Today’s activity proved quite productive and beneficial to the participants.

The entire activity was conducted under the noble guidance of Mr. Akshat Sharma, the honourable Manager and Ms. Ayushi Sharma, the honourable Director of the school

Art & Craft Activity

Today i.e. on Wednesday, 31 January 2018, Art & Craft Activity was organized for the tiny tots of Pre-Primary wing. The purpose there of was to kindle the students’ imagination and increase their creative ability. They did it with peanut shells and pencil shavings. The activity was accomplished with zest and promptness by the students.

Knot Making Activity

Today i.e. on Tuesday, 16 January 2018, the tiny tots in Pre-Primary Section performed Knot Making Activity which made them self reliant in a large measure. Earlier they didn’t know how to tie their laces. This they learnt today with the guidance of the teachers. They made alphabet necklace on string. They used knot to tie the letters of alphabet. Through these two activities the tiny tots learnt a lot.


Money Game Activity

Today i.e. on Friday, 15 December 2017, the school, in conformity to its schedule, organized an activity titled Money Game Activity for the tiny tots of Pre – Primary wing. This activity was planned to enable the tiny tots to understand the concept of buying and selling in cash. As regards craft, they all delighted in performing Lady Bug Making Activity. Today all the students were clad in red and white dresses. Following the instructions from their teachers they brought to school healthy food rich in nutrients e.g. Saag, Chapati & Dates. The entire morning session proved quite educative and informative for them. 

Role Play Activity

‘Our Helpers’

Today i.e. on Friday, 8 December 2017 Role Play Activity was organized for the tiny tots of Pre – Primary section at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The motive of it was to make the children understand the value of different people in different professions. Curiously and gladly, the tiny tots assumed the roles of different helpers of the society and spoke a few sentences related to their work. In what ways are these helpers helpful to the society they live in? It was mentioned by the child playing the role of a helper or worker. This activity not merely familiarized the children with different professions of people but also enriched their knowledge of the world around them. Simultaneously the activity made their lessons interesting and engaging. It was liked by them all.

Origami Paper Folding Figures Activity

Held on Friday, 1 December 2017

Today tiny tots learnt opposites through activity. They all made ‘Origami Paper Folding Figures’ and wrote opposites on them. Through this paper folding activity they enjoyed learning opposites.

They all were clad in Red Colour Dresses. They brought Aloo Matar and Chapati and Chiku. They enjoyed the activities in activity room too. The motive in organizing this activity was to enable the tiny tots learn through practice. Just memorizing words is not enough as the words, so learnt, often prove elusive and are not retained in consciousness for a long time. This kind of activity provides the tiny tots with a scope for retention of the words and proves more effective and beneficial to the learners. As was expected all the participants enjoyed and availed themselves of this activity. It added to their treasure of words substantially.  


Sprouts Chaat Making Activity

Today i.e. on Friday, 17 November 2017 there was an activity for Pre – Primary students. With a new activity, every Friday adds to the children’s knowledge and culinary skills. All the students of Pre – Primary section tried to excel one another in making Sprouts Chaat. They had brought germinated gram seeds, pulses, tomato, onion, cucumber etc to accomplish this activity under the guidance of the teachers at school. All the students participated in this activity and competed with one another for excellence. This activity instilled in them a sense of self confidence and greatly increased their knowledge. After the activity was over they came to know the nutritious value of the germinated seeds. They seemed to prefer nutritious food to junk food. Today’s activity not only paved way to their becoming self dependant cooks but made them imaginative and inventive as well.

Shapes Making Activity

(Held on 31 October & 1 November 2017)

In order to expose the creative talents of the students of Pre – Primary wing, Shapes Making Activity was organized consecutively at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The task assigned to them was to exhibit their latent caliber in drawing the means of transport and this they did with precision and great skill. Those in Nursery class set themselves the assignment of making Boat, Train and Rocket. All the pictures, they made merited praise and appreciation. The students of LKG devoted themselves to making Boat, Car and Hot Air Balloons. They too made their products worth seeing. Those in UKG excelled in making Trucks. In short, the whole activity received a great response from the children and enriched their knowledge of the world around them.

Fireless Cooking Activity

(Held on 11 & 12 September 2017)

In order to better the students’ knowledge of culinary art, Fireless Cooking Activity was organized consecutively on Monday, 11 September & Tuesday, 12 September 2017 at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The students’ craving for fireless cooking activity could be noticed today. On Monday, 11 September 2017, the students of class VI – IX exhibited their penchant for this activity and they prepared mouth watering Sandwiches with the articles they had been asked to carry to the school. Various kinds of Sandwiches was an irresistible temptation for the children. They did not use fire or cook anything.  They only applied their commonsense and it resulted into nutritious food with good taste and savour. Their products were the proof of the fact that in exigencies they will turn self reliant and self sufficient. They can eat to their fill even when they are not looked after and tendered by their parents. Nearly a dozen students were observed using sprouts to make their Sandwiches. Their peers had brought articles to prepare puddings and so they prepared puddings worth tasting. Actually there was an amazing variety of the things they prepared in the classrooms. There were yet some others who, being fond of Chocolate products were busy making Chocolate Laddoos. The scene of the classrooms really produced a feast for the eyes. The teachers inspecting the rooms lingered there watching the students doing a lot of activities that required a lot of care and common sense. Added to all these eye catching articles were some Cream Products. Many a student feels fondness for the things made of cream. All these things taken together reminded one of a beehive with busy persons doing their activities.  Today on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 it was the turn of the classes from I – V and they too, undertook this activity with uncommon gusto and enthusiasm. Right from the beginning they were seen busy making various kinds of Sandwiches. Their enthusiasm for this activity was worth seeing. Some of them were using fruit and vegetables to make their Sandwiches and some others were making Chocolate Sandwiches. There were many students who were using sprouted grains to make their products tasty and savory. In this way the morning session witnessed a lot of hustle and bustle in the classrooms. The day was unforgettable and so were the children’s activities. They are likely to infuse in them a sense of self confidence & self reliance.

French Spell Bee

(Held on 09.09.2017)

With a view to bettering and enriching the students’ French vocabulary, French Bee Activity was organized at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa on Saturday, 9 September 2017. This activity was undertaken by all the students from class I - VIII. Different words were dictated to the students considering their level and knowledge. The students of lower classes were given easy words where as those in upper classes had difficult words for dictation. In addition to dictation the students also tried to show how a particular word should be pronounced. This activity had its effect upon the students. It enlarged their vocabulary and improved their word power. These kinds of activities prove to be stimulus to better the children’s language.

Sandwich Making Activity

(Held on 08.09.2017)

With a view to bettering the children’s knowledge of culinary art, Sandwich Making Activity was organized for the students of Pre- Primary section at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa on Friday, 8 September 2017. The children had been instructed a day earlier to fetch the required articles. Complying with the instructions from their teachers, they fetched all the things, they needed to prepare Sandwich. The things, they brought to the school, included tomatoes, cucumber, bread, butter, cheese and sauce. The teachers practically showed them how to make Sandwich. A slice of bread was taken.  Some slices of tomato and cucumber were put upon the slice of bread. Thereafter another slice of bread with some amount of butter, cheese and sauce was clung to the former slice. The sandwich was ready to be tasted. After watching the process, the students themselves prepared sandwiches following the method taught by the teacher. Then they enjoyed eating them and also carried them home as keep sake. This activity is likely to raise the children’s self confidence and make them self reliant to a considerable extent.

Show & Tell Activity

Held on 30.08.2017

Today the tiny tots did ‘Show & Tell activity on animals’. They all participated enthusiastically in the activity. This was an activity titled ‘Linguistic Enhancement’. They all chose the animal of their choice and spoke about it. They all were very curious to describe their animals. As props they used ‘Puppet Animals’ too. The whole session was very informative for the students. It encouraged them to learn & explore knowledge about animals. All children enjoyed a lot.

Friday Report

Special Activity ‘Taste & Tell’

Today Tiny – tots of Pre-Primary wing enjoyed the Friday Special Activity ‘Taste & Tell’. The day began with the introduction of the activity. The students were shown a PPT on Tastes & Taste Buds. This gave a scientific approach to the activity Students learnt the names and the tastes of the related eatables. The students were dressed up in green ‘as the colour of the month’. They brought Aloo, Puri, Pickle & Pomegranate to understand the taste activity. Knowledge about these food items enhanced their vocabulary. They tasted all the ingredients e.g Salt, Sugar, Chat Masala & Coffee to understand the tastes. They were told about the tastes of these items as – Salty, Sweet, Spicy & BitterThe children enjoyed the whole day activity & took the smiles of their favourite taste expression as take away. This activity developed their knowledge of sense organs. 

Yoga Activity

To make the students aware about their health & fitness ‘Yoga Activity’ was done in the Pre-Primary classes. The benefits of ‘Yoga’ were told to the students. ‘A healthy mind resides is healthy body’. According to this saying students were given practice of ‘Meditation’ also. Asans were done. Benefits & formations were told to the students. All students came in Black lower and White T-shirt for the activity. They enjoyed the session & learnt to be healthy too.

Brush Your Teeth Activity

With the purpose of creating awareness among students about hygiene, the school organized ‘Brush Your Teeth Activity’ on Monday, 8 May 2017. Complying with the teacher’s instructions, the students brought their tooth brush and tooth paste for this activity. The right way of brushing teeth was demonstrated before the students and they were also told how many times they should brush their teeth. To ensure that water is not wasted, the water tap, when not in use, should be kept closed. All the students availed themselves of this activity and learnt a lot from it. The session proved both informative as well as entertaining. Later in the classes too, the students engaged themselves in discussions about healthy teeth and eating habits.

Friday Report

Today Tiny tots of Pre-Primary wing enjoyed the Friday Special Activity “Pool Party”. The day began with the party mood and the children enjoyed splash pool activity very much. Along with this the party was also co-related to ‘Save Water’ theme. They came clad in White and Blue dresses. The children brought ‘Chole, Rice, Salad and Mix –fruit juice. Knowledge about these food items enhanced their vocabulary and eating habits. Next activity was ‘Hygiene Kit Making;. Children learnt the importance and use of it and showed their interest in this activity too. The whole day activities were enjoyed by the children and encouraged them to explore, learn, acquire skills and satisfy their curiosity. All children were very much excited and enjoyed a lot.


21 April 2017

Every Friday is celebrated as fun day by the tiny tots of Pre-Primary wing. The emphasis is on giving children an atmosphere of freedom so that they can learn, sing and move with intrinsic pleasure.

Today the kindergarten celebrated ‘The Earth Day’ and ‘White & Blue’ colour day. The children brought Cauliflower, Muskmelon and White Rasgulla in their lunch. Bringing varieties of food every Friday helps the children to know more about different vegetables and fruits which emphasizes learning through it. The children were engaged in various fun filled activities like blow painting & Earth Day colouring sheet. The whole day activities encouraged the children to explore, learn, acquire skills & satisfy their curiosity. All the children were very much excited & enjoyed a lot.



Fireless Cooking Activity for Classes I – VIII was conducted on 3rd September 2016. Cooking is a perfect occasion when we can bond with our kid. Our children too loved involving them in making different recipes and gaining knowledge about the nutritional value of different food items. It proved to be a good way to develop interest for food preparation among kids that eventually grew their interest in eating as well.

Food preparation also fosters creativity in children. The cooking recipes without using fire certainly helped to explore different possibilities of cooking.

Students showcased their talent in easy & nutritious fireless cooking recipes. No heat! No fire! And yet magical recipes prepared by them.

The dishes were judged for their taste, presentation, nutritional value and a small questionnaire to the child.

Our kids unleashed their culinary expertise with a safe and fun fireless cooking experience.





I - A

Devanshi Goyal

Garvit Mittal

I - B

Aarav Agarwal

Avni Jain


Aarohi Goel

Krishika Goel, Anvi Gupta


Aanya Goyal

Kartik Sikriwal


Sanchalika Goyal, Saksham Kansal.

Paridhi Garg


Megha Maheshwari

Vansh Goel


Diya Goel

Sanskriti Bansal, Tulsi Tyagi


Parasmani Tyagi


Garvit Verma

Sakshi Garg, Mahi Choudhary





The Arwachin International School celebrated its Summer Camp Closing ceremony on Tuesday, 31.05.2016, on its Eleventh Day. It was exciting summer camp for the students as they   made the best use of their summer vacation. 90 students, including students from different schools got benefited from this summer camp by getting training in various activities like Yoga, Skating, Music, Art & Craft, Public Speaking and Mental Maths.

Dr. C.P. Sharma, Senior Educationist, graced the occasion as Chief Guest. He  aspired the students for stress free education and all-round development of the students by offering full-fledged co-operation in sports &games and other activities. Saraswati Vandana was presented by the students. Pleasing songs were presented by students. A Zealous dance performance was also presented by them. In Yoga, basic asana were exercised by the students. Bhujangasana, Surya namaskar, Tad asana, Vjrasana were exercised by the selected students. Aerobics and Judo-karate was also done by the students portraying revival of healthy mind and energetic body.

                              Best performers were awarded. Certificates were presented to all the Summer Camp students. In Art and Craft... Worli art, tattoo paintings, pottery were taught and the paintings were displayed. Students were able to learn craft skills. Outcome of organizing this Summer Camp was admirable. On board, marvelous learning was displayed by students. Through Public speaking, use of English was explained and they were able to gain communication skills. Group discussions, Chain spelling game, Role plays, Interviews, etc were organized to generate each student’s interest in learning English. In the Public Speaking class, the students were taught how to address issues of various kinds. One of the topics of Group discussion was “Use of technology and increasing human dependency on it.” Both the sides of the argument were very well presented with logical reasoning...On the last day, skit was presented by students with students holding the roles in appropriate ways. Students dressed up according to their roles and it was indeed a challenging task, but, from the applaud they received, it was evident that the audience loved the performance. During these performances, the students also exhibited talents such as dancing, delivering dialogues with required gestures, postures, etc.

Mental Maths classes were taught by organizing games such as Number Card game, Snake and ladder games, Shape activity using match sticks, Roman numeral activities, abacus, etc enhancing mathematical skills.

Lastly, the Chief Guest, Mr. C.P. Sharma spoke about the whole venture. He urged the students not to forget what they have learnt, and that they should enlighten their friends about their experience.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by Principal, Mrs. Ranjeeta Kaur. Refreshments were offered to all the participants. The students had a party after the Ceremony.


To ensure that the much awaited Summer Break is a time to relax and rejuvenate, the school organized a special “Summer Camp” for classes I to VIII from

19 May to 31 May 2016.

The Camp saw an overwhelming participation by school students. All were eager to avail the rich experience this camp offered in Sports, Craft, Music, Dance, Mental Maths & Public Speak.

         19 May’16 was the Inauguration Ceremony for the Summer Camp. Honorable Principal Ma’am paid tribute to Goddess of knowledge, Mother Saraswati by lamp lightening. Then summer camp proceeded with Saraswati Vandna. Principal Ma’am interacted with students regarding Summer Camp by telling them how it helps in learning social skills, grow more independent by developing lifelong skills. Yoga session was conducted to bring activeness for the day activities. All the groups proceeded for their activities.

 Students were divided among three groups. Common genre available to all was pottery classes. Art is an important hobby for self-expression. The art of pottery is often times described as therapeutics and relaxing. Then groupwise students were into different activities such as Dance, Sports and Mental Maths. Students were excited to be part of all activities. 


All the students were excited and enthusiastic about the last working day before Summer Holidays. Class party was organized for all the classes. It was a day full of fun and frolic. Movie show was organized for all the classes and the movies shown to the students were ‘Baby’s Day Out’ and ‘Jungle Book’. Instructions regarding summer camp were given. Several activities were organized for students to enjoy and feel free.

Code of conduct for summer camp was updated to the students by Principal mam.  Dress code and requirements of the activities which are going to take place in summer camp were clarified to the students. General instructions were also given.

This day brought sense of energy among students for Summer Camp.


Activity based learning is an active teaching learning methodology. It brings activeness and smartness among the students.

All Fridays are celebrated as Activity Days in AIS Pre-Primary Wing where the children learn through various activities conducted.


As the colour for the month of May is ‘White’, so the children were engaged in different activities related with the white colour. The Little Arwachinians did the thumb printing in the picture of Radish and colouring in the picture of Watermelon. Concept of ‘white’ was taught to them through various activities such as – Pasting cotton in Swan and the Cow. They prepared ‘Aeroplanes’ with the white sheet of paper. White coloured objects were shown and memorized. The children also brought ‘Cheese’ and ‘Watermelon’ in their lunch and enjoyed eating the same food with their peer group. The whole day was full of fun and knowledge.



Mango Activity was organized where children were asked to bring mango from their home. Then they were taught about the colour and the taste of the mango. This activity was organized with the purpose to make the children acquire knowledge of colour and fruits. These activities are serving the best purpose of developing and enhancing their vocabulary as well as aesthetic sense. Such activities are benchmark to develop them. The tiny tots learnt a lot while enjoying.


On the Occasion of “MOTHER’S DAY”, children were asked to prepare Cards for their mothers. The children brought their mother’s photographs from home. They prepared the cards with colourful sheets, thumb painting, paper tearing and writing message for their mother. The children enjoyed it whole heartedly.








































Love Jain, Yashi Tomar
Avni Jain, Aditi Singh
Siddhi Aggarwal, Aarush Jain
Dhanya  Aggarwal, Arshdeep Kaur
Aarohi Goel, Vivan Gandhi, Sandesh Chauhan
Satyajeet Singh Ansh Tyagi

Abhinav Choudhary
Darsh Maheshwari
Tiya Mittal, Kanishk Tomar
Intizar Alam
Harprabh Singh, Jayant Singh, Prajwalit Dhaneya
Divansh Goyal, Paridhi Garg

NAME OF ACTIVITY - DICTATION                                                                                                 
Aditi Singh, Yash Panihar, Chhavi Bhardwaj
Priya Gupta, Avni Jain, Garvit Mittal, Vedang Bansal, Aarav Agarwal
Garv Mittal, Mudhit Yadav, Anchal Yadav
Dhanya Aggarwal, Jagriti Tomar, Mohd. Eshan Raja
Vidit Bansal, Aarohi Goel
Krishika Goyal
Abhinav Chaudhary
Shivansh Sharma
Samrat Teotia
Ayush Chaudhary
Intizar Alam
Harprabh Singh, Divansh Goyal

Priya Gupta
Avni Jain
Yashi Tomar, Sarthak Jain
Dhanya Aggarwal
Arshdeep Kaur, Mohd. Eshan Raja
Aarohi Goel
Abhinav Choudhary
Darsh Maheshwari
Sunny Kumar
Saksham Kansal, Ayush Chaudhary
Paridhi Garg
Intzar Alam, Harman Singh
Aaradhy Goel, Sneha
Gauri Jindal, Gauri Goyal
Vanshika Sharma
Tanu Adarsh Saxena
Piyush Goyal
Jai Kansal
Ayushi Chaudhary
Parasmani Tyagi, Harsh Choudhary
Prithvi Chauhan, Gagan Bana, Ishita Agarwal
Sakshi Garg
Mahi Choudhary
Shreya Chaudhary

Vaibhavi Rao, Aaradhy Goel 
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Vanshika Sharma
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Ayushi Chaudhary
Apoorva Tomar
Harsh Choudhary
Sakshi Garg
Shreya Chaudhary, Mahi Chaudhary
Rinku Davsh 

Sandesh Chauhan,  Dhanya Aggarwal,  Jagriti Tomar,  Vidit Bansal,  Sharjeel Parveez,  Aarohi Goel


The colouring competition of pre primary wing was conducted on 29th April, 2016.The children of Playgroup, LKG and UKG participated  with great enthusiasm.The criteria of judgement was based on neatness, combination of colour and overall effect. The  Principal, Mrs. Ranjeeta Kaur ,appreciated the little efforts of tiny tots and motivated them.

The winners of the competition are as follows:


















 (18 April 2016 to 25 April 2016)

The usage of English Language has become significant in our daily life. It is a fact that English Language is the language that is used globally in the world nowadays. In conjunction with the global trend, Arwachin International School has planned some activities to be carried out in the school campus since beginning of the year. This is implemented so that the students of the school can be exposed to the importance of English Language.

School has tried to promote five essential skills like Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Grammar through a series of activities/competitions planned out in the last week, from 18 April 2016 to 25 April 2016.

Activities like Handwriting, Puzzle, Dictation, Speak few lines on ‘Myself’, ‘My school’, ‘My family’, ‘My Favourite Teacher’, ‘My Favourite Food’, ‘My Favorite Game’, ‘My Favourite Picnic Spot’, ‘My Inspiration; Story Writing, Brain Games, Situation Enactment, etc were conducted. Students participated with full zeal and got benefitted with new Terminologies/Vocabulary in English.

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