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English & S.St Activity Final Round

Final round of the ‘English and S.St Activity’ was held today 09
th May 2018 for classes IV, V, IX & X. It was in continuation of the activity held on 28 April 2018. However, the topics given this time were a little diversified than the ones given earlier.
The selected students of classes IV & V were asked to narrate an inspirational story from the lives of great personalities like – Gandhi Ji, Subhash Chandra Bose etc.
On the other hand, students of class IX & X were given the topic ‘Make in India’ to deliver a speech.
The competition among the students was tough but healthy. They all were excited for  their turns and at the same time inquisitive to hear others so as to learn more.

    In order to update the students’ knowledge of French, French Quiz Activity was organized at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The students were handed the pictures of the French monuments and asked to identify them. Thereafter they were asked to colour the monuments. They also coloured Indian and French flags. In all the things they did, they showed their meticulous care and correctness. One of the objectives of this quiz was to enrich the students’ French vocabulary and widen their knowledge of this foreign language.

      Today on May 2nd, 2018, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organized “Mat Making Competition” for classes I – X. The topic of the competition was Mothers’ Day. Mothers play a crucial and decisive role in shaping the future of their children. They are the first teachers before the children get enrolled in an institution for studies. In the past too, mothers have been instrumental in resulting desirable changes in the country. They still continue to shape and reshape the nation. Today, we need more and more educated mothers. The higher the literacy rate, the more developed the country. We cannot repay the debt that we owe to mothers. These kinds of feelings were conveyed through Mat Making Competition and the students expressed their vital interest in paying their respect to mothers.

      CLASS  I II III Appreciation
      I - A       Aarav Kakkran
      I - B Subeg Singh Tejasvi Singh Tarsh Jindal  
      II - A Sabhya Bansal , Darsh Bansal Dishita Karnwal

      III - A Kashika Kansal Shristi Aggarwal Devanshi Goyal  
      III - B Avni Jain Aarav Agarwal Priya Gupta  
      IV - A Tanishq Sharma Dev Garg Aditya Agarwal  
       IV - B Mahi Bansal Arshdeep Kaur Angel Soni  
      V Chitranshi Sharma Aanya Goyal    
      VI Nishita Tomar Shivani Teotia Paridhi Garg Utkarsh Pratap Singh

      VII Vaibhavi Rao Kaushiki Garg, Gauri Jindal Divikshya Gupta Devansh Chaudhary , Siddhi Kedar, Vanshika Sharma
      VIII Shivam Garg Diya Goel Tulsi Tyagi  
      IX Reena      
      X Rinku Dabas Sakshi Garg Divyansh Verma  

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