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The ‘World Population Day’, 11th July was observed in Arwachin International School by way of a special assembly. The students presented their thoughts on the alarming situation of uncontrolled increase in the world population. They expressed their concern for the depleting resources and the galloping population which is making a mockery of the remarkable progress, the country has made. They made a resolve that they would do everything, they can, to accomplish this uphill task.

    Today on July 07, 2018, a number of activities were organized for the pre-primary and primary students at AIS, Pilkhuwa. All these activities were designed to create awareness among the students and students of LD Hapur & Pilkhuwa participated in Mask Making activities and made the masks of animals. By implanting saplings, they exhibited their concern for the waving atmosphere. They felt an urgent need to restore its past glory. Next in the pre-primary as well as primary students. They engaged themselves with mud painting, mud scribbling, treasure hunt and balloon dip, all with a motive to display and voice their concern for the long wishing planet i.e the Earth which is being stripped everyday of its greenery, trees and forest cover. Apart from being aware of the environment and the Earth, they also expressed their desire for cleanliness. They cleaned their respective areas setting up and example of how we, the people of India can keep our country clean. With the aim of cleanliness, they presented a picture of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Eventually, they carried their hand-made mud birds to their homes as mementos. In this way, the day witnessed both primary, pre-primary and LD students carrying out various activities and learning a lot from them under the keen guidance of our respected Director mam Ms. Ayushi Sharma, Manager Sir Mr. Akshat Sharma and our Principal Ms. Kavita Khare.
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