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    PTM and Kerala Flood Donation Camp

    The toddlers took an initiative in taking care of their countrymen. They become helping hand to Kerala and developed a sense of ‘Empathy’. School (Little Ducklings Pilkhuwa and Little Ducklings Hapur) organized a Donation Camp for Kerala people. Students donated with great enthusiasm and love with care. They proved them self peace messenger.

      Science Exhibition

      Our Earth -The only planet presumed to have life on it, and a beautiful blue ball when seen from space. But actually are we not stealing its beauty?. We, the human beings who are supposed to be the most sensible creators of this planet are destroying it because of our greed. The greed of development in us is spoiling everything. Time now demands to put an end to this slow but gradual destruction of the planet.

      This race of development and destruction was beautifully portrayed by Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa in their Science Exhibition- Our Earth. Models prepared by Arwachinians with the help of their parents and teachers were displayed in the exhibition. They displayed the causes that are leading to their destruction along with the ways to improve. Apart from making them aware with the help of projects and models there were different skits to convey them the pros and cons of their actions. Live Band and Dances kept the parents intacted to their places.

      Presence of Manager Mr. Akshat Sharma and Director Ms. Ayushi Sharma boosted the morale of the students and added stars to the event.


        Jungle Party (2018)
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        Jungle Party

        The students of Pre-Primary enjoyed an ‘Animal story dramatization with masks’. They enjoyed this very much. They came in Green colour dresses.

        The story was completed with the celebration with ‘Mango’. The students enjoyed the ‘Mango Party’. Story enactment gave them logical thinking & vocabulary enhancement. They all cherished all animals sound & their roles.


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