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Culmination of Pink Colour
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Culmination of Pink Colour

Students of Pre-Primary wing celebrated Pink Colour Culmination. The students were dressed up in pink colour dresses. They did many activities like-

Show & Tell

Flower Making with Clay

Painting with finger painting

Fish with origami sheet

They were told a story of Ping Pig about pink weather given healthy tips.

As a take away they got a pink pig face.

These activities enhance the colour recognition & colour related activities gave a boost to the confidence of the students.


    Dialogue Delivery Activity
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    Dialogue Delivery Activity

    With a view to enhancing the students’ ability of self expression and fluency in conversation. The teacher of English planned an activity for the students of class – V. They were given a topic to dwell upon. During the conversation between two students, they discussed pros and cons of the subject. The activity was amply liked by the students and they greatly benefitted from it. 


      Poster Making Activity
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      Poster Making Activity

      Empowerment of women and cent percent literacy is the need of the hour. There is an urgent need to educate girl children to empower women. With this topic in mind, English Teacher of class – VI organised an activity for the students. They were asked to engage in Poster Making and Article Writing activity with the topic “Education of Girl Children”. All the students displayed their inclination for this activity. They made different posters and tried to convey the theme of Girls’ Education through their posters. Apart from it, they also engaged themselves in writing articles. Both the activities were amply liked and carried out by the students.

        Spell Bee Activity

        This activity was conducted for the students of Pre-Primary to judge the level of ‘Spelling Making’. The students did many activities as per their level.

        a.      Toddlers did recognition of Alphabets through sound C objects through letters.

        b.      Nursery – The students heard & wrote the letters. They also did word Tambola sheet.

        c.      LKG – They also did ‘Circle the correct word’ sheet and enjoyed the action recognition through it.

        d.      UKG – The students of UKG did a Spelling finding activity through pictures.

        The whole session was enjoyed by the students.

        The objective of this activity was to learn spellings in a playful manner.

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