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Road Safety Awareness Rally
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Today i.e on April 24, 2018, Road Safety Rally was organized at Hapur by the R.T.O Office. The rally received a huge response as it was attended by at least six hundred students of the neighbouring schools. The schools that volunteered to support the rally are given below
1.     Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa
2.     Deewan Public School, Hapur
3.     L.N.P.S, Hapur
4.     Braha Devi, Hapur
5.     D.P.S Hapur
6.     VIBGYOR, Pilkhuwa
7.     D.R.I.S, Garh
8.     T.S.S, Hapur
Besides the officials of R.T.O Office, the rally included D.M Hapur Aditi Singh, ASP Ram Mohan Singh, Pankaj Lavania, SP Hemant Kutiyal and many other important persons. The gathering of people was counseled as to how the roads are to be used. While driving, the drivers as well the other road users need to take a number of precautions to ensure their safety. To begin with, they must wear helmets, bind seat belts. While driving vehicles, drinking is strictly prohibited and can endanger the road users’ lives. A R.T.O Mr. Pranav Jha and his associates gave a string of advice to those present at the rally. The rule for the pedestrians too is very important and needs to be observed. Roads should be crossed at zebra crossing by the pedestrians. Nothing is as important as one’s life. Therefore one should not gamble with it. All the important rules of the road, if followed can minimize the number of accidents that occur every day. Our happiness is in our hands.

    On April 22 2018, a District Chess Competition was organised at D.P.S World School, Pilkhuwa. The students of various institutions of the neighbouring area participated in it. The participating schools are given below
    1.     Vanasthali International School, Ghaziabad
    2.     St. Anthony, Pilkhuwa
    3.     St. Francis, Shamli
    4.     D.P.S World School, Pilkhuwa
    At the close of the competition, Ist, IInd and IIIrd place medals were distributed among the students age group wise. Seven players from Arwachin International School performed well at the competition and were conferred prizes for their outstanding performance.

      The culmination of Blue Colour at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa
      This Earth of ours is also called the blue planet as it abounds in the water bodies like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. It is unfortunate, however, that water table is depleting with each passing day and it is not surprising if the next world war may be fought for water. The scarcity of drinkable water escalated by the dearth of flora and fauna calls for immediate attention and solution. The same feelings were expressed by the students of Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa when they had Palak Paneer, Grapes and Chapatti as the food of the day. Besides, they accomplished many activities like clay play and making fish with origami sheets. These various activities, they occupied themselves with were both entertaining as well as informative. 

        It is a matter of great pleasure for Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa, in collaboration with Humming Bird, organized and conducted various competitions e.g HMCSE, HMIT, HEO and Spell bee in which nearly 140 students including girls and boys participated.
        By bagging 18 gold, 6 silver and bronze medals, the participants glorified the name of the school. The entire Arwachin Family is being glorified at this achievement of the students.
        Appreciating the students’ hard work, the manager of the school Mr Akshat Sharma and the director Ms Ayushi Sharma opined that hard work is the key to success. If we keep working hard, we shall be marching towards success and in a position to achieve our target.

          Good Manners Pond Activity at AIS, Pilkhuwa

          In order to cultivate good habits in the learners, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organized “Good Manners Pond” Activity on 7th of April 2018. This activity was initiated to boost the students’ morale and shape them as estimable citizens of future. Today, they were taught moral values. Besides, efforts were made to enhance and enrich their vocabulary. A disciplined life and sustained efforts can give them what they need.

            GSP Programme at AIS Pilkhuwa

            Today i.e. on April 6th, 2018, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organized the G.S.P Programme or the Guest Speaker Programme to update and moralize the students. The speaker who interacted with the tiny tots regarding many relevant matters of everyday life was no other than Ms Ayushi Sharma herself, the director of the school. Health and Hygiene, Good Manners, Etiquettes and Nutrition etc found ample discussion in the interaction between her and the children. The students felt inspired to adopt all measures related to health, sanitation and nutrition.

              Beginning of the Little Ducklings Hapur 
              Little Ducklings Pilkhuwa

              The Academic Session of the two new Pre-Primary Branches of Arwachin International School Namely Little Ducklings Hapur and Little Ducklings Pilkhuwa started on Thursday, 5 April 2018. Since the tiny tots were coming to a new world for the first time, they were a little nervous. But, the efficient teachers made them all feel so comfortable that they spent their time with happiness. Director Ms Ayushi Sharma & Manager Mr Akshat Sharma chatted with them thus making them all the more comfortable and clean. 

                Beginning of Academic Session at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa

                The Academic Session 2018-19 began on 02.04.18 in Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The fresh faces of the students as well as the teachers rejuvenated the atmosphere. The teachers welcomed the new students with great zeal. An informal teacher-student interaction session gave an opportunity to children as well as the teachers to know about each other. The students were given the timetable and instructions for the new session. The day ended on a good note of feeling of learning & growing. Ms Ayushi Sharma wished the best to all the students for the new Academic Session.

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