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Dussehra Celebration (2018)
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Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra Celebration Day was observed at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa on Monday, 15th October 2018. The students came to school dressed as the characters of the Ramayan. Their passion for the great epic was worth noting. All the occurrences from beginning to end in the Ramayan were dramatised and staged in the school premises. The students in the role of important characters like Ram, Ravan, Laxman, Hanuman etc won the cheers and applause of the audience. Then came the climax of the show when the huge effigy of the demon Ravan was set aflame amidst loud cheers and laughter. Then what ensued was echoed in the distant area. The crackers and explosives, when ignited, burst out resulting commotion and din not only in the school premised but in the adjoining area as well. In this way, Ravan, the epitome of evil was killed by Ram. This celebration marks the victory of virtue over vice and serves to spread a valuable message to the people across the world that human beings must refrain from vices and lead a virtuous and noble life like that of Lord Ram and his devotees. The views of this kind were expressed by the director Ms. Ayushi Sharma. The Chief guest, Mr. C.P. Sharma too sought to interpret the occurrences of the Ramayan in a way that impressed the audience. In a nutshell, today’s celebration had a far reaching impact upon the children’s lives. They were guided by the exemplary life of Lord Ram and inspired to live a purposeful life.


    Kavi Sammelan (Oct 2018)
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      Bharat Ko Jano & Vigyan Ko Jano

      Arwachin believes in holistic development of students. In order to provide exposure to the students, it always put its best endeavours to arrange competitions at different levels. To continue the same, Bharat Ko Jano, Vigyan Ko Jano quiz was organised. Preliminary round was held in the school. It was a written competition. The students who qualified for the second round were to compete with students of other schools. There were around 10 schools in competition. The students of Bharat Ko Jano had to go thru three rounds of quiz in order to attain the positions they bagged.

      The students of Vigyan Ko Jano were asked to appear for a written test in the second round and they bagged 2nd (in Jr. Group) and 3rd (in Sr. Group) positions. The children were very excited to have won so many trophies. According to them, the continuous motivation by the management of the school and their teachers, along with their parents’ support helped them to attain this success. They were enthusiastic to participate in many more such competitions and requested the Director Ms. Ayushi Sharma to continue to arrange for such activities where they would get exposure.



      Students Name

      Vigyan Ko Jano


      Vaibhavi Rao & Jai Kansal


      Sakshi Garg & Yashvardhan Raghav

      Bharat Ko Jano


      Aardya Goel & Vaibhavi Rao


      Vipul Sharma & Gagan Bana

        Volcano Eruption Activity

        It has always been a primary objective at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa to bring home the learners difficult concepts through various activities. In order to enable the students to understand how a volcano erupts and what things are released in the process, an activity was conducted in the classroom of Class –V. Eno and water when mixed up gave out vapours resembling magma and lava. The activity brought home the students the concept of how a volcano erupts and what it looks like after eruption. The students liked the activity and had no difficulty in understanding the natural phenomenon. 


          Rain Water Harvesting (2018)
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          Rain Water Harvesting

          Water is an elixir of life on the earth. Without water, one cannot even imagine existence on this beautiful planet. But water table is continually falling and in the wake of water scarcity, it is feared that it may lead to the 3rd World War. Keeping in view the immense importance of water and the urgency to save this resource Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organised an activity entitled Rain Water Harvesting for the pupils of class IV – A and IV – B. The students were shown rain water harvesting systems in the school premises. They were intimated how rain water can be purified and made fit for drinking. It can also be used for present scenario of water crisis we cannot afford to neglect or waste it. Every drop of water must be conserved and utilised for better tomorrow. The director Ms. Ayushi Sharma expressed concern for the depleting resource and emphasised the immediate need of conserving it. In her brief address, she exhorted the students to save potable water and harvest rain water. Today’s activity had a clear imprint on the children’s life style.


            Gandhi Jayanti (2018)
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            Gandhi Jayanti

            In fond memory of the Father of the Nation, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. The students of classes 3rd – 5th were asked to write few lines on Mahatma Gandhi. Students of class 3rd wrote in English and class 4th & 5th wrote in Hindi. Students of class 1st & 2nd were given worksheets related to Gandhi Ji. All the students were shown videos related to Gandhi ji. They were also told about the three monkeys of Gandhi ji. It was an interactive celebration where students participated with full spirits. 


              English Quiz (Oct. 2018)
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              English Quiz

              Keeping in view the rising importance of English language as the medium of education and in communication skills, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organised Inter House English Quiz for the students of class (VI – X)  on Monday, 1st October 2018. The questions framed in this quiz aimed at exposing the participant’s knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar and spellings. The participants’ passion for this quiz was worth noticing as they waited for their turn to respond to the questions being asked. Though young learners, they proved in their response to the questions that they were not mere beginners. They had good grasp of the subject. Being diligent, sincere and ambitious they can hope for and dream of a brilliant future awaiting them.

              The quiz was conducted by HOD English Ms. Ashu Anand along with Mr. Ajay Tyagi and Mr. Sunil Kumar. Presence of Manager Mr. Akshat Sharma & Director Ms. Ayushi Sharma motivated the students to a great extent.

              Tagore House secured 1st position followed by Shastri House being on 2nd  

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