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Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents Day Celebration at AIS PILKHUWA was observed on three consecutive days i.e. 27th, 28th and 29th December 2018.

The purpose of the day was to acknowledge the importance of aged and elderly people in the society. They guide and shape their children in a way that they emerge as important and eminent citizens. They boost the morale of their children and help to visualize their dreams.

The celebration saw its culmination on December 29th, 2018 with a number of activities and programmes being done by the children.  The important ones were singing competition, Musical chain, Dadi Amma etc.

At the close the Principal thanked the guests for attending the programme and hoped that they would be motivating their children and shaping their future. The Director Mrs. Ayushi Sharma too blessed the children and greated the guests.


    Sports Day 2018-19 Report
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    Sports Day 2018-19 Report

    On Saturday, 22nd December 2018 as its Sports Day, AIS, Pilkhuwa organised and conducted sports activities comprising Yoga, Karate, Dumbbell, Lazium and Aerobics.

    The participants demonstrated their mettle by successfully performing different yoga postures and winning the whole hearted acclaim from the spectators.  Thereafter the students participated in different kinds of race- e.g. 100 meter race, 200 meter, Frog jump, Sack race, Three leg race, Balance race and Relay race.  In all these races the students exhibited their potential and proved that they would keep up the momentum to display their caliber in the upcoming sports contests at both State and National level.

    At the close The Principal Mr. Alexander Francis blessed the children and wished them a bright future.


      Treasure Hunt Activity

      Students of Pre-Primary wing did treasure hunt activity. The activity was organised to enhance the listening skills and logical thinking.

      The students were given tasks to find the objects. Students were shown the objects and then it was hidden somewhere in the room. Students found it and completed the task. They also brought seasonal vegetable and tomato soup. As a part of their table manners learning they learnt how to drink soup and what are it s nutrients.

      They were dressed in ‘Violet Colour’ and learnt ‘Colours of Rainbow’. They did few activities related to ‘Violet Colour’.

      Whole day activities engaged the students and they enjoyed the day a lot.


        Santa Mask Making (Dec 2018)
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        Santa Mask Making

        Students of Pre- Primary made Santa Masks. They did this activity with great zeal. The students were told about the ‘Christmas’ and ‘Santa’. They liked the santa and as a respect towards him they made a Santa Mask.

        It also gave them a feeling of happiness & they were very enthusiastic to hear that santa will give them a gift on Christmas.

        They were dressed up in Blue Colour dresses and brought Allo Methi and Chapati with Plum in their lunch.

        As a ‘take away’ they were given the masks. They enjoyed the activity & its objective.

          English Rhyme Recitation Competition

          ‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words’     Robert Frost.

          An English Rhyme Recitation Competition was organised on Thursday, 20th December 2018 at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa for the Pre-Primary wing. Beauty is the realm of poetry, children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. The competition inspired the children to come forward & recite on stage. They recited with great zeal and enthusiasm.

          The students were judged on parameters like confidence, voice modulation, the props used & over all confidence.


          Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa  (LKG)




          Mahdia Nadeem

          Mishthy Mittal

          Rudra Singhal


          Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa  (UKG)




          Harshika Mittal

          Aradhya Singhal & Siddhi Goel

          Twisha Kansal


          Little Ducklings (Pilkhuwa)








          Little Ducklings (Hapur)







          Devansh Garg

          Aradhya Aggarwal

          Arshika Aggarwal






          Pratyaksh Aggarwal

          Vihaan Gupta











            Debate Activity

            The Social Science Teacher at AIS PILKHUWA organized a debate activity for the students of Class V on Monday, 10th December 2018.  The topic of the debate was advantages and disadvantages of Telephone, Television and Internet.  The advantages of these gadgets are innumerable – who can deny the fact that internet is providing the human race all the information it wants whatever be the subject, it is a proven fact that internet has become an encyclopedia for us.  In the wake of internet and telephone, the distance of the farthest places has become negligible and the whole world does not look so big as it was in the absence of internet and telephone.  T.V. is yet another means of mass communication. It provides us the knowledge of the developments occurring across the world.  But there is yet another facet of the coin.  Viewing T.V. excessively and depending entirely on Internet makes children lethargic and inactive. It causes obesity and laxity among the young learners, so the advisable thing in this regard is that we should instruct our children to use these modern gadgets judiciously.  Extremes should be avoided.


              Culmination of Pink Colour
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              Culmination of Pink Colour

              Students of Pre-Primary wing celebrated Pink Colour Culmination. The students were dressed up in pink colour dresses. They did many activities like-

              Show & Tell

              Flower Making with Clay

              Painting with finger painting

              Fish with origami sheet

              They were told a story of Ping Pig about pink weather given healthy tips.

              As a take away they got a pink pig face.

              These activities enhance the colour recognition & colour related activities gave a boost to the confidence of the students.


                Dialogue Delivery Activity
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                Dialogue Delivery Activity

                With a view to enhancing the students’ ability of self expression and fluency in conversation. The teacher of English planned an activity for the students of class – V. They were given a topic to dwell upon. During the conversation between two students, they discussed pros and cons of the subject. The activity was amply liked by the students and they greatly benefitted from it. 


                  Poster Making Activity
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                  Poster Making Activity

                  Empowerment of women and cent percent literacy is the need of the hour. There is an urgent need to educate girl children to empower women. With this topic in mind, English Teacher of class – VI organised an activity for the students. They were asked to engage in Poster Making and Article Writing activity with the topic “Education of Girl Children”. All the students displayed their inclination for this activity. They made different posters and tried to convey the theme of Girls’ Education through their posters. Apart from it, they also engaged themselves in writing articles. Both the activities were amply liked and carried out by the students.

                    Spell Bee Activity

                    This activity was conducted for the students of Pre-Primary to judge the level of ‘Spelling Making’. The students did many activities as per their level.

                    a.      Toddlers did recognition of Alphabets through sound C objects through letters.

                    b.      Nursery – The students heard & wrote the letters. They also did word Tambola sheet.

                    c.      LKG – They also did ‘Circle the correct word’ sheet and enjoyed the action recognition through it.

                    d.      UKG – The students of UKG did a Spelling finding activity through pictures.

                    The whole session was enjoyed by the students.

                    The objective of this activity was to learn spellings in a playful manner.

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