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Gender Sensitivity Workshop

On Saturday, 29th September 2018, there was a workshop at D.D.P.S Govind Puram. The theme of it was “Gender sensitivity”. Two teachers namely Mr. Manish Kumar Chaudhary and Ms. Rajni Sharma from Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa attended. The resource persons were Mr. J.K Singh and Mr. Mukesh Chand Sharma. The workshop sought to observe equality in terms of dealing with boys and girls as students. In the wake of women empowerment, girls should in no way be considered weaker than or inferior to boys. The age of male domination over female is gone. It is time when women and girls came up to assert their importance in all spheres of life. So the teachers, on their part are required to infuse in girls a sense of self respect and self importance. The sooner we do it the better it is. The girls with their tremendous capacity and talent can prove better scientists, engineers and doctors. The only requirement is that their hidden talent is to be spotted and channelized.


    Trip to S.Chand Publication
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    Trip to S.Chand Publication

    On Friday, 28th September 2018, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa organised a trip to S.Chand Publication Plant for its students. The objectives of this trip are to enhance and update the students’ knowledge of the world around them and also satisfy their curiosity regarding the publishing of books which serve as store house of vast knowledge. Keeping in view all these objectives, the trip was planned and the students exhibited their deep interest in the world of books by visiting the S. Chand Publication. The visit is likely to deepen their interest in studies and enabling them to visualize their dreams.


      I - A Utkarsh Maheswari Divyanshi Tomar Yashasvi Tomer
      I - B Aksh Bansal Devika Singhal  
      II - A Darsh Bansal Garv Goel  
      II - B Sabhya Bansal Aradhya Bansal  
      III - A Siddhi Agarwal    
      III - B Aarav Agarwal Avni Jain  
      IV - A Aarohi Goel Aditya Agarwal  
      IV - B Kunal Tyagi Lavisha Chugh Prabhav Goel
      V Darsh Maheshwari Mishthi Kansal  


        CLASS  I II Consolation
        I - A      
        I - B Deepanshi Dutt Sharma Arpit Sharma  
        II - A Darsh Bansal    
        II - B      
        III - A      
        III - B Sumanyu Garg Aarav Aggarwal  
        IV - A Aarohi Goel   Vansh Bindal
        IV - B Mahi Bansal Nitya Soni Lavisha Chugh
        V Darsh Maheshwari Aanya Goyal Muskan Rana,Rishika,  Tiya Mittal & Kartik Sikriwal
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