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Green Colour Culmination
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Culmination of Green colour

The students of Pre-Primary wing were all dressed in green on the day of culmination of green colour. They did many activities.

They enjoyed Show & Tell, storytelling. For craft they made peapods, did finger printing and vegetable painting.

They highly enjoyed the activities.

The activities involving green objects enhanced their vocabulary and knowledge.

‘Save trees and snakes’ was given as the take – away task.

Green signifies the environment. The social message of ‘save environment’ was given to the students.



    Mud Play Party 2019
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    Mud Play Activity

    The Pre- Primary students of Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa & Little Ducklings Hapur & Pilkhuwa performed ‘Mud Play Activity’ on Wednesday, 24th July 2019. The Children engaged themselves for mud painting, mud scribbling, treasure hunt & many more, such activities all with a motive to display & voice their concern of keeping the Earth safe. She is being stripped everyday of her greenery, trees & forest. This established a closer bond between them and the nature & also enhanced their motor skills.

    A visit to a nearby temple was made in order to make the students know about ‘SHIVRATRI’ & its significance. It was done in order to inculcate traditional values as well as feeling of spirituality in the students. 


      Lemonade & Jungle Party
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      Lemonade & Jungle Party

      Children of Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa & Little Ducklings celebrated Lemonade & Jungle Party. Children were asked to bring lemon & sugar. They learnt the process of lemonade making. A healthy discussion about its importance was held.

      They also celebrated Jungle party in which they wore masks of different animals. They danced and learnt significance of biosphere, various animals and their habitats.


        Investiture Ceremony 2019
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        Investiture Ceremony

        The Investiture Ceremony for the new academic session 2019-20 was held on Saturday, July 20. The solemn ceremony was graced by Mr. Dharmendra Singh, SHO, Pilkhuwa who was the guest of honour. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by the respected, the guest of honour, the Managing Director – Mr. Akshat Sharma and the Principal – Mr. Alexander Francis. The teachers and the students were present to witness the Investiture Ceremony.  The lighting of the lamp was followed by a thrilling dance performed in accompaniment of a patriotic song “Mangal Mangal” in order to rouse the patriotic leader in the newly elected members of the student council of Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa. Next, the newly appointed Head Boy Harsh Choudhary and the Head Girl Apoorva Tomar, along with their team of 18 office bearers, presented themselves to don the mantle of responsibility and to carry it out with utmost dedication. The Guest of honour Mr. Dharmendra Singh along with the Managing Director Mr. Akshat Sharma and the Principal Mr. Alexander Francis decorated them with badges and sashes signifying their new roles. The office bearers took the oath of office with the promise that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence, and lead the school by example more than by mere desire.  After the oath-taking ceremony, the students sang the National Song 'Vande Matram' utmost patriotic zeal. Next, Mr. Alexander Francis, Principal, AIS, proposed the vote of thanks, which was followed by the National Anthem.



          Mango Party 2019
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          Mango Party & Germination

          On Thursday, 18th July 2019, a germination activity was organized for the Pre-Primary section of Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa, Little Ducklings Pilkhuwa & Little Ducklings Hapur. The students were shown a PowerPoint presentation to explain the germination of seeds to them. A discussion about the life cycle of the plant was also done. These activities were planned with the objective ‘Saving the Environment’ & discussing our role in saving the planet according to the Monthly theme- ‘Our Environment’.

          A Mango party was also organized, in which the students were asked to come dressed in yellow and green coloured clothes. An activity ‘Show and Tell’ was also organized, followed by a dance party. They were all sent home with mango crowns.


            Guru Purnima Celebration
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            Guru Purnima Celebration  


            What better quotation to reiterate the teacher-disciple relationship! On Tuesday, 16th July 2019, a short special assembly was held to commemorate Guru Purnima. Mr DP Sharma, HOD Hindi department, emphasized the role of a guru in the Indian culture as a reverential, historic and an important one. He mentioned the contribution of Maharishi Ved Vyaas, the creator of Mahabharat. He also wrote the Vedas and the puranas. Guru Purnima celebrates the birthday of this great sage. Mr. Alexander Francis, Principal, AIS Pilkhuwa underscored the fact that almost every God we acknowledge, started off as a guru first, stating the example of Lord Krishna being a guru to Arjun in the Mahabharata and how every teacher should strive to be a guru to his students. When a teacher starts on the journey of being a guru, he invokes the divinity in himself / herself.

            Parents of Vibhuti  class IVA distributing sweets to the teachers on the occasion of Guru Purnima

              Plantation Drive at AIS, Pilkhuwa

              On Saturday, 13th July 2019, a plantation drive was held at Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa for classes – III – V. Students had brought saplings from home along with their teachers and the Principal. They dug small pits and planted the saplings and watered them. This made them feel close to nature. After the plantation drive, a hand washing activity was conducted, in which students were taught to wash their hands properly. They were subsequently asked to cut their nails too, to get rid of any soil residue.


                Father's Day Celebration
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                On Saturday, 13th July 2019, Arwachin International School, Pilkhuwa celebrated Father’s Day, to demonstrate the students’ recognition of the contribution of their fathers to their lives. Students from Little Ducklings Hapur and Pilkhuwa, along with the students from class UKG to V of Arwachin International School, put up special dance, song and drama performances at the event, which was attended by the fathers of students up to class – II.  Various activities like ‘Pick up the coin’, ‘Hinglish counting’ were organized for fathers and the winner of each activity received a prize. A selfie corner was also set up. The euphoric Arwachinians worked really hard to make this celebration a special one.

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