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The Arwachin Shiksha Samiti was established in 1960 by Shri Shrinivas Sharma. Arwachin International School, started on 5th April, 2003, is its youngest and most enterprising venture, and is looked after by Shri Arun Sharma. We not only believe in holding on to the traditional values of India but also in providing the latest and best teaching tools and techniques of the recent world to our children.


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In Fond Memories of Late Sh. Shriniwas Sharma.On 12th January 1925, the sleepy hamlet of Hisawada felt blessed when it woke to the news of the birth of a baby boy in the family of Shri Devi Singh.

Everyone born into this transient world is destined to die but the one who brings prosperity, progress and fame to the clan justifies his birth and his existence.

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